Season 6

Disrupted love lives.

Yamaska - Season 6 (2014-2015)


Relationships reach a breaking point. After developing feelings for Stéphanie, Philippe leaves, upsetting the lives of Réjanne and every member of the Carpentier family. For Étienne, shocking news from his former mistress Caroline results in an unsustainable, unpredictable situation and he must make a drastic choice. As for Hélène, she is experiencing a tender love story that finally allows her to lower her guard. William and his wife Julie are living happily until Julie's mom, Florence, upsets the family dynamic. Her presence in Granby leads to confrontations between members of the Harisson family to such an extent that they are difficult to explain. What's really behind all these extravagances? Finally, Zachary's willpower is put to the test. Following his surgery, he must change his lifestyle. An uphill battle awaits!