The Odds

Season 3

Is it possible to get along with your ex?

The Odds - Season 3 (2014-2015)


Guilt-ridden, Luce admits to Louis that she kissed Michel. Despite this, the pair gets married and build a life together. However, challenges await. Michel's ongoing presence and the divergence of opinions between the hardware store's shareholders hinder the newlyweds' happiness. Moreover, Louis and Léa are finding it hard to live together. Living with a teenager requires a certain period of adjustment. Is Louis really ready for family life? As for Michel, a few unsuccessful attempts in the world of online dating have led him to finally be honest with himself. The woman he loves is definitely Romane and they begin dating again. Still in love, Maryse and Jean-François are thinking of renewing their vows. However, Maryse issues an ultimatum that will upend their love life. Micheline continues to have high expectations for her relationship with Raymond to the point where one day she makes an unexpected request that will put this relationship to the test. Raymond must accept or say goodbye to Micheline. Finally, Léa and Émilio continue to push their parents. They want more freedom. Michel and Luce will have to put on a united front when it comes to the education of their daughter.