Season 2

Three resilient families strive to survive.

Yamaska - Season 2 (2010-2011)


The second season of “Yamaska” focuses on three resilient families as they strive to survive. A painful, but courageous journey. The Harrison, Brabant, and Carpentier families have not all experienced the emotional storm triggered by Lambert's sudden death in the same way. Some are united and stronger than ever, others will bend under the weight of heavy regrets and grief. The dynamic has changed within each of these families. Philippe is no longer the unwavering breadwinner, Julie has shed the image of a model businesswoman, William no longer seems meek, Théo has decided to stop acting like a dumb delinquent, Réjanne finally faces the brutal truth. As for Hélène, she will come to terms with herself. It's time for everyone to make a choice.



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