Season 1

Leaving to find yourself.

Eclipse - Season 1 (2017)


“L'heure bleue” is a story of one couple's resilience in the face of terrible hardships. A couple who is embroiled in turmoil that will change the course of their lives. Anne-Sophie decides she's had it with her old life. Everything changes: where she lives, her financial situation, her love life, her work, her lifestyle… EVERYTHING. Who hasn't dreamed even for a few moments of leaving everything behind and starting over somewhere else? This is exactly what Anne-Sophie does. As for Bernard, he chooses the exact opposite. He'll double down and will attempt to maintain his balance and routine. He has a house, a growing business, a 16-year-old teenager, and endless responsibilities. His philosophy is to face the challenges head on. But that comes with a price, a very bitter one.



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