Season 3

Taking responsibility.

Eclipse - Season 3 (2018-2019)


Season three of the “L'heure bleue” finds Clara embracing her role as a mom while Anne-Sophie and her roommates try to support her. She will have to find a balance between being a young woman and a mother in addition to dealing with Thomas who wants to be recognized as Charles' father. In Cowansville, Bernard and Raphaël's relationship remains fragile. The latter's presence in the family home and at Espace Boudrias will lead to conflict. Bernard's vindictive nature boils to the surface during Xavier's trial and the Moran-Boudrias family is divided once again.



  • Marie-Hélène Thibault / Lucie Boissonneault
  • Jean Petitclerc / Normand Veilleux
  • Jean-François Pichette / Hubert Martel
  • Sylvie-Catherine Beaudoin / Carole Tousignant
  • Karina Aktouf / Filia Bentoumi
  • Véronique Beaudet / Simone Bouchard
  • Nathalie Coupal / Docteur Chantal Lacasse
  • Rémi Goulet / Xavier Martel
  • Noémie O'Farrel / Roxanne


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