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After - Season 1 (2021)


Following a tragedy that nobody could foresee or avoid, and which is nevertheless more and more common, the inhabitants of the small community of Lac Sabin will have to learn to survive, to cope, to rebuild their lives and to try to deal with the irreversible. 1


Author : François Pagé
Director : Louis Choquette
Producers : Michel d'Astous et Stéphane Jacques
Executive Producers : Anne Boyer et Michel d'Astous
Content Producer : Marie-Ève Bergeron

Broadcaster: ICI Tou.Tv
Production company : Duo Productions
Episodes : 6 épisodes of 60 minutes
Streaming on June 10th 2021


Karine Vanasse - Maryse Malo
David Boutin - Antoine Langlois
Madeleine Péloquin  - Laurence Malo
Martin-David Peters - Toussaint Salva
Anglesh Major - Victorin (Vic) Beauvais
Kathleen Fortin - Danielle
Juliette Gariépy - Vanessa
Henri Chassé - Guy Cliche
Camille Vincent - Danahée Malo
Steve Laplante - Éric Leclerc
Aurelia Arandi-Longpré - Simone Leclerc
Robin L'Houmeau - Joey
Marc Béland - Roger Thomas
Alexandre Goyette - Luc Dompierre
Jeanne Roux-Côté - Évelyne Lalancette
Gaston Lepage - Monsieur Latour
Anne-Renée Duhaime - Audrey Leclerc