Nos étés

Season 4

The end of a dramatic saga.

Nos étés - Season 4 (2007-2008)


The final installment of this historical series. 1952 is an era marked by jazz and soul music. Anaïs is approaching her 50th birthday and is trying to separate from her husband Marcellin. Their daughter is ambitious 19-year-old Émilie Landry who is attracted to the mysterious and handsome Robert Forget. 1966 turns into a more light-hearted satirical comedy. From the ironic viewpoint of 17-year-old Laure-Lou we get a glimpse of the adults who believe they are finally emancipated and fully focused on their individual freedoms. Évelyne will also immerse herself in this inhibition-free lifestyle, evidently willing to try everything and anything. This final series of “Nos Étés” goes back and forth between different decades. It's the story of six generations of women and how they stand up for each other despite their differences.



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