Season 5

The fleeting moment of quiet happiness is over.

Yamaska - Season 5 (2013-2104)


The fleeting moment of quiet happiness is over, and storms are brewing. The parents of our three families will have to face major challenges. First, William and Julie are both confronted by hardships. William is having a hard time writing his first book. His novel will shake up his entire family. As for Julie, she must come to terms with her mother returning after a long absence. A mother whose intentions are unclear. Philippe and Réjanne see their relationship, one they thought was solid as a rock, threatened by failure. Finally, Étienne and his ex Hélène are going through a rough patch, due partly to confusing feelings. This 5th season will be full of adversities for these characters. And strangely enough, it is their personal demons they will have to fight. As if their very identities were threatened by ghosts from the past: broken dreams, wrongdoings, unfulfilled yearnings. Problems that will all come to a head unexpectedly.